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Back to Dating in Her 50s – diVa and diVaTyte Restored One Patient’s Confidence

As a divorced women in my 50’s, I  worried about dating again. I knew that menopause and age had changed things both in appearance and with dryness. I did not know what to do. I tried the estrogen creams but they were messy and seemed to be taking so long to make a difference.  I was so excited to hear about the vaginal laser.

I had both the diVaTyte (external) and the diVa (internal) done. The diVaTyte just felt like a warm rolling ball during and I did not have any pain at all after. They said it may be red or feel warm after but I did not have that. I honestly can see a difference already!

The diVa just felt like a tapping, not painful for most of it, but I did feel a little sensitive near the opening at the end that only lasted seconds. Once I was done, I felt no pain. I had minimal spotting, but it was gone in less than 12 hours. I left the office and went to dinner and later to a movie with friends. I forgot that I even had it done!

The providers were so kind and compassionate and helped me to know exactly what was going on and how much longer I had to go until the procedure was completed. They made me feel comfortable throughout the visit. I am so pleased with the entire process and the care I was given. I will definitly be back to complete the next 2 treatments! Thank you so much for bringing the laser to your practice so that other women out there will be able to find hope with such a sensitive issue.

– Sondra, patient

Painful Sex Ruining A Marriage – One Patient Turns to diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy

“Having pain with sex is ruining my marriage. I had a hysterectomy a few years back and have been having dryness, pain with sex, and loss of libido ever since. I am not even 40 years old. It has made a definite drift in our relationship. I heard about the vaginal laser and asked my provider at Chesapeake urology. She explained what the laser was and how it could help me. I had the diVa procedure done. It only took a few minutes. I felt a few seconds of a snapping sensation at first but then I felt no pain at all. I went home and had no pain or bleeding. I would recommend this procedure for any women having these symptoms.

It took more time to sign in and put the numbing gel in than the it did for the procedure! Dr.  Boyle was so gentle and kind. She explained everything that was being done and this made me feel very at ease.”

-Grateful patient